Things to Consider

Q:  Why should I choose Shea Photography?
A: At Shea Photography, discount cialis  we not only have a passion for photography, ask but all the things that will set your photos apart from any others. From experienced posing to fashion trends, getting the images right in camera to lighting, the perfect accessories to the perfect smile, we have it all covered. 

Q:  How many photos will I get?
A: Your gallery will be at least 25 photos. On average a client will have about 30-40 images in their gallery. We show you only the best of the best. You may be thinking, “but she clicked the shutter SO many times during the shoot, where are all those?” Good question! There are technical things we need to take care of during the session.  We have to make rapid real-time adjustments which requires test shots, changing up composition, and solving any lighting challenges to ensure that you create the perfect image for our clients.  After the session, we handpick the final images and work with each image to bring it to its full potential. 

Q:  When should I schedule to get my Senior Portraits taken?
A: The sooner the better. It is best to have them in late summer or early fall of your senior year. This will ensure your yearbook prints are submitted on time. Yearbook images are due sometime in the beginning of October.  

Q:  Do my parents need to be with me while I get my photos taken?
A: Your parents or a friend are more than welcome. It’s best to keep it to a small group that you feel very comfortable around.

Q: How do I hire you for my Senior Portraits?
A: After contacting us, we will confirm availability for your preferred session type. Once we have the date we will send out some paperwork for you to complete and return to use with a $100 deposit to hold your date. The deposit applies to the session fee once you have your session. 

Q:  Do I have to choose and pay for my package in full before my session?
A: No, you do not have to choose and pay for your Senior Package in full before your sitting. We want you to have control over which photographs and packages you choose. 

Q: Are there additional fees for retouching?
A: No, basic editing and retouching are built into the pricing of our products. 

Q: How many outfit changes and locations are allowed in your sessions?
A: We do not put limits on this. When you hire us to create your senior portraits you are paying for our time and talent. Keep in mind, the more time you spend changing clothes and traveling between locations, the less time you allow us to create your images.  A normal session has about 3 outfit changes per venue.

Q: How do I preview and order my images?
A: At your in person ordering session! A deluxe ordering session is an in person ordering appointment. We don’t want to leave you to look through a confusing online gallery and try to make important decisions.  About 10 days after your shoot, we will meet at The Studio Loft where we will watch a slide show of your photo gallery.  We will show you all of the products that we offer so you can touch, feel, and handle them all you want!  Our clients love that we can help them decide what goes where and design your storyboard right in front of you, so you know it is exactly what you want!  We also offer on-line gallery viewing but it is not recommended as the selection process can be overwhelming.  

Q:  What format will my proofs be in?
A: You will view the images as a digital slideshow.

Q:  Is there a minimum order?
A: No, there is not minimum order. The average customer spends $800 on their Shea Photography experience.