Anna- From the Heart

In light of the tragedy in Haiti recently, generic cialis sales I wanted to remind our blog readers of sweet Anna, generic viagra whom we photographed last year.  With a huge ‘Heart for Haiti’, long before the earthquake, she’s used her talents and her gift to raise money for the Global Orphan Project by creating a beautiful CD showcasing her talents on the violin.  I was fortunate to capture the images for the CD and Website of this beautiful 12 year old girl.

Visit her website: to learn more about her story and her vision.

***update! WOW!  This girl has a whole lotta heart!  After posting this, we heard from Anna’s parents and they encouraged us to share just how much has been raised so far because it is encouraging for people to see how Haiti is being helped.  The total to date is just under $40,000 raised! The amazing part about it is that Anna’s original goal was to build her own small orphanage which would have cost $5000.  How awesome is that?!?!  It all starts with a vision, friends!  We’re so proud to have been part of it with her!

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