Hasta la Vista…

See ya later Winter!  Kiss it GOODBYE!!


My girls, cialis usa click Saige (age 7 going on 17) and Scarlett (age 4, cialis generic and oh so ‘big girl’ now), thought it was high time to have a spring party, dance away the winter blues and say HELLO to SPRING!

Doesn’t it just make you want to get up and dance too?

Here’s Scarlett– proud to have picked out this spring top for the photos “All by herself” from Suburban Thread.  The girls & I love to get their clothes there because of the trendy and unique styles not found anywhere else.  You can find Suburban Thread at Trendz or contact owner Cari Williams by visiting her website:  www.suburbanthread.com

This is Saige….. just being “Saige”

and, in case you we wondering… she too, picked out her own top…and ‘skinny’ jeans, hair style, pose, etc…  oh, my…

I’m just going to see how long I can keep them young, sweet, and innocent.  What a more perfect way to do that than a fun photo shoot with Mom to celebrate Spring!  Come on in for your own Spring Dance party too!  The lighting is delicious and there’s a feeling of life and energy in the air!  We’ll have lots of fun!  Promise…

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