Headshots – Why and Who needs one?

professional creative headshots

professional creative headshots

Headshots are a powerful way to market yourself. Most People assume that headshots are for actors or actresses to help casting directors choose if they’re the right fit for a role, buy cialis unhealthy but that is not the case at all. Headshots are a powerful way to market yourself. You could be a business person, viagra generic model, lawyer or perhaps you just want a good clean Facebook profile image of yourself.

Here a few tips on how to prepare for your next professional Headshot.
Photographers are like snowflakes. There are no two alike. Each one has its own individuality including shooting style and editing style. They also have their own, what I like to call, “camera-side manner”. Perhaps one is very casual with clients and this reflects in their shoots, while others are more stoic and keep a business-like setting to the session. Does either style make one less professional? Absolutely not, it is all a matter of preference. Everyone wants the best quality headshot right? As with most specializations, most quality head shots will cost you. Does that mean you will expect to spend thousands of dollars? Not at all. Most quality head shots will charge anywhere between $150 – $600 per session.

1) Hire a professional photographer that understands your needs, lighting, professional editing (without over editing) and composition.
2)Keep the clothing simple with solid colors (in most cases – avoid white). Fitted Clothing is best for Headshots. Start with a simple fitted blouse/shirt and add layers such as a jacket.
3)Consider a hair stylist or make-up artist the day of your session. Avoid tanning, or over exfoliating your face prior to the session.
4)Have fun. Relax a little. Headshot sessions should be fun. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down. A good tip is to leave a little space between your teeth when smiling, enough to put the tip of your pinky in between. Your smile will look more genuine.

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