Ten Years!  Wow! As I reflect back, viagra canada ailment I am filled with a variety of emotions…  pride…gratitude…and quite frankly, check amazement.  Time truly flies by!  With the help of so many, I have grown in many ways in business and as a person.  I laugh as I think back to the ‘Covered Wagon Days’ in my tiny little studio, handcrafting and printing my own custom cards on my now archaic printer…shooting with at least 5-6 rolls of film bursting out of my pockets just praying that I captured the moment and the elements just right.  I’m sure that I’ve locked in the title of Kansas City’s “Gypsy Junkie” through the countless treks across town with random couches, chairs, and bizarre props tethered to my car or hoisted over my head to photo shoots in random locations.  I am humbled by the outpouring of friendship and support of those that have been so loyal to Shea Photography, or added “…just one more coat of paint” to the studio walls, or shared more than a tear or two with me over the precious fleeting moments families have chosen to share with me year, after year, after year. 10 years later, as our families have grown…. I strive to continue to do just that…capture those fleeting moments of your little ones, and make strides to always provide you with the experience and photographs that are truly unforgettable.

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Check out our Baby Fever post below to see what we have in store for our littlest clients this year. Since we know that the biggest compliment you can give us is your referral, we are extending a $50 credit for each new referral you send our way in 2010.  You can use this credit towards your own 2010 session or pass it along to a friend and “Share the Love”…. get it?!

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