Sharing the Love…

I am excited to share the news that we are Sharing The Love with our ten years of celebration in an even bigger way.  One of the biggest pieces of my inspiration has been my studio loft space that I’ve come to covet for more than 7 years now.  I’ve been contacted by countless photographers over the years inquiring to share the space with me.  As the industry of photography has changed over the last decade, viagra generic decease I’ve toyed with the idea of co-oping the space.  Along with more clients wanting on location shoots, viagra digital copyrights, sovaldi sale and such…. its occurred to me that this may be the perfect time to co-op my natural light studio loft.

Shea Photography studio space is now

It has always been my philosophy that good Karma attracts great business.  I’m so excited to Co-Op the space.  If you know of a photographer that also aligns with this philosophy, interested in the Co-Op opportunitites, email

Shea Photography is preparing to launch our best fall/winter photography season yet.  We can’t wait to see you and your families at Shea Photography….either at The Studio Loft or on location.  Stay tuned!

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