Sunflower Sisters

Sometimes, viagra canada case I feel like I’m just busting at the seems with inspiration…and I just LOVE it when a client gives me full creative freedom to design a shoot.  Here’s how it went down.

  1. I found this fabulous location that I’ve been eager to shoot at
  2. I have these fabulous clients that know me and trust me to take an idea and run with it
  3. Client shows me these beautiful cream dresses that she’d like to have her girls wear
  4. (Here’s where it all comes together) I tell the client to pick up some shabby brown cowboy boots, and  some sunflowers.  I brought a fun vintage table cloth, pieced together a few chunky pieces of jewelry I have here at the studio for such occasions and *Boom!  It all came together!

Mom was so cooperative and the girls couldn’t have been any sweeter on this beautiful Kansas Fall Afternoon.  I love it when things come together like this.  This is the kind of Custom, Boutique experience I hope you all experience when you choose Shea Photography.

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