Viva la Diva!

You will likely see this little model on our blog every now and again.  She is the daughter of our Sales & Marketing Associate, sildenafil pharmacy Jane Hurtig.  Her name is Eva, but she is affectionately and appropriately nicknamed “Eva Diva.”  I get a good chuckle over the silly, viagra girly conversations Jane and Eva have.  This photo, for instance:  I discovered if I talk to Eva like as if I were reading a fairy tale, I can pretty much get her to pose however I want.  “Eva!!  Can you lay on your tummy like Ariel and flip your fins so that Prince Eric will see what a beautiful mermaid you are…and then you can live happily ever after in the castle…. right over there out that window???”  CLICK!  Got the shot!  :) and, in case you were wondering…….they, in fact DID, live Happily Ever After….

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